Facial Digital Fingerprint

Digital Fingerprint and How we use them

Digital Fingerprints are coded string of binary digits that uniquely identifies a data file. These are basically used in places where utmost security is required. These also, helps us in detecting the tempering an electronically transmitted data. No two fingerprints are same and these values are uniquely identified. This is because even a smallest change in the data files, can make a huge difference in generation of digital fingerprint.
We use these fingerprints in form of hash values. Hash values are encrypted digital values. It’s an alpha-numeric value that is difficult to reconstruct to the original value.
As you register you face with Spotmi, a digital faceId is created and that is then converted to a hash value. Every other picture of your face will have a unique faceid, but will retain the same value and correctness.
Rest assured, we store nothing relating your information other than what you provide us. Your facial information is stored on your phone. If there is an issue in detection of your face of if we are unable to verify, you will be prompted again to show us your smile. 😃
Cheers! Have Fun ;)